Advanced Configuration

The following is an example configuration used to control my outside light at night. The override is used to manually enable or disable this EC instance. Note that EC will call the turn_on service on its control entties, meaning you can use it to trigger different types of entities at the same time. My buzz_short script emits a short notification tone from a buzzer speaker attached to a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin. (See related blog post and MQTT Audio Buzzer Repository).

    - binary_sensor.backyard_motion
    - binary_sensor.shed_door
    - binary_sensor.kitchen_door
    - binary_sensor.mtn_outside_2
    - light.outside_light
    - script.buzz_short
    - input_boolean.outside_motion
    - light.outside_light
  delay: 120
  backoff: true
  start_time: 'sunset - 01:00:00'
  end_time: 'sunrise + 01:00:00'