You can define entities which stop EC from transitioning into active state if those entities are in on state. This allows you to enable/disable your controller based on environmental conditions such as "when I am watching TV" or "when the train is late" (seriously...).

Override Demo

    - binary_sensor.lounge_motion
    - binary_sensor.lounge_motion_2
    - light.tv_led
    - light.lounge_lamp
  delay: 5
    - media_player.tv
    - input_boolean.bedroom_motion_trigger

Note 1 input_booleans can be controlled in automations via the input_boolean.turn_on, input_boolean.turn_off and input_boolean.toggle services. This allows you to enable/disable your app based on automations! Services will be implemented in the future such as entity_controller/enable for a specific entity_id.

Note 2: You will inevitably run into a situation where your entity produces new states that EC does not know about -- a vacuum might be in vacuuming state, as opposed to on. Check the section on "custom state strings" for information on how to get around this.