State Meaning

Entity Controller is a finite state machine. This means it will be in one of many states at any point in time. The states represent what is going on with EC.

State Description
idle EC is waiting for stuff to happen, nothing else.
active Momentary, internal state. You won't see EC in this state much at all.
active_timer Control entities have been switched on and timer is running
active_stay_on Control entities have been switched on and will remain on until they are switched off manually. This is used by stay mode if you added it to your configuration.
overridden Entity is overridden by an override_entity
blocked When a control entity is already in on state and a sensor entity is triggered, EC will enter the blocked state. This is to ensure the controller does not interfere with other automations or manual control. The idea is, if the entity is already on, then the problem is already taken care of. EC will return to idle state once all control_entites return to off state.
constrained Current time is outside of the constrain time. EC is inactive until start_time.

Note that control_entities == state_entities unless you specifically define state_entities in your configuration. Read more about State Entities