Calling custom scripts

You may want to use the activation and deactivation of EC as a trigger for some other entity (most like a script). For the turn_on. You can define trigger_on_activate and trigger_on_deactivate. The controller will call the turn_on service on both and observe the state using entity. These trigger entities: * do not receive custom service data (as they may not require it) * have only the turn_on service is called on (as they may not support anything else) * will not have ther state observed (as it may be meaningless, like for Script entities.)

These are the primary reasons why you might need the trigger entities in your configuration.

  sensor: binary_sensor.living_room_motion
  entity: light.led                         # required
  trigger_on_activate: script.fade_in_led             # required
  trigger_on_deactivate: script.fade_out_led           # required if `turn_off` does not work for the entity you want to control, e.g. scripts