Ignore State Attribute Changes

By default, any attribute change is considered significant and qualifies for entering the blocked state. However, in certain cases, you might want to ignore certain state changes caused by entity attributes.

For example, when using a component like f.lux or circadianlighting, the brightness and color temperature updates automatically, which triggers EC to believe there is a state change caused by something/someone else. This is not indicative of a manual change and EC should ignore it.

Another example is using using custom service parameters with the transition key supported by some services (most notably light.turn_on). After the service call the transition itself is handled on the device itself which would look like a manual control to Ec.

For these cases, add a state_attributes_ignore field to your EC instance with the attributes you want to ignore.

  sensor: binary_sensor.office_motion
  trigger_on_activate: light.office_led
  delay: 120
    - brightness
    - color_temp

The effect of this is that any state change triggered by an update to the brightness or color_temp attribute is discarded and no further processing in EC occurs.